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Bike Talk - Time Trials, Road Racing & Crits

February 18 was the 3rd installment of the Velorosa Bike Talk series. This month's discussion centered around time trials, road racing & criteriums. Featured speakers were Kerrie Bernstein with Zealous Racing & Erika York with Velorosa.

Each shared their perspectives as racers, tips, and an abundance of information on getting started like, how to navigate your way through the different steps to get from "I want to race" and all the way to the finish line! All who attended received a discount to participate in the Elkhart Time Trial series, from director Jason Bernstein, which starts in April.

Erika and Kerrie have put together a tip sheet and links to follow up on the discussion that we hope is helpful and they look forward to seeing you at the starting lines in 2020!

USAC Cycling Ready to Start Racing link:

USAC: Governing body for Bike Racing, purchase yearly race license, racing rules, events around the US.

Iowa Bike Race Association: where to find local IA races

Bike Registration: Lots of events, specifically for Elkhart Time Trial (TT):

BikeIowa Website: Lots of rides, non- USAC races/rides and good overall resources.

To those women who attended and didn’t write down discount code Facebook message please feel free to reach out to Erika York and she will provide the code from Jason & Kerrie Bernstein with Zealous racing.

If you're a Velorosa team member and you have any questions on road, Elkhart Time Trial and Crits feel free to talk to Erika York, Rose Willey, Deanne Herr, Katherine Roccasecca who would be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks to our sponsor Beaverdale Bicycles & T-shirt Graphix for hosting the discussion. Thank you Jason & Kerrie & Zealous racing for generous discount and sharing your passion for racing with the community and most importantly thanks to all for your time and interest in racing your bike!

Be sure to add the next Bike Talk, March 22, to your calendar to learn all about bike packing and bike camping!

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Velorosa Cycling Team
Velorosa Cycling Team
Mar 01, 2020

I would suggest throwing it out in the team Facebook group, I’ve heard a few girls talking about it and you’ll get the best response and info there!


Hi I was out of town for this event and was wondering if anyone Velorosa will doing any RR, or Crits this year? If so which ones? It would be great to get several ladies together to race!


Lael Neal
Lael Neal
Feb 22, 2020

This was such an amazing event!! Thank you to everyone who helped put this on and how helped gather all of this info into one place!!! I can’t wait to ride my first race of many!!!

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