Events & Calendar

  • Dash to the Distillery
    Sat, Dec 03
    Dec 03, 1:00 PM
    Cumming, 4349 Cumming Ave, Cumming, IA 50061, USA
    Grab your winter wheels and let's dash to Iowa Distillery together!
  • Velorosa Vinyl Bingo at Capt. Roy’s
    Dec 21, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Captain Roy's, 1900 Saylor Rd, Des Moines, IA 50313, USA
    Join the Velorosa Cycling Team for Vinyl Bingo at Capt. Roy’s, it’s going to be a Holly Jolly good time!

2022 Velorosa Calendar

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Last Updated: 4/29/22


  • Winter Party 


  • 2022 Team Kit Ordering 2/15-2/22

  • 2/16 Committees Kick Off Meeting 




  • 8/4 Velrosa UBFM Night

  • Fun/Social Ride (Date TBD)

  • Weekly Team Training Rides

  • Bike Packing Talk & Demo


  • Rosa on the River (Fun Ride Date TBD)

  • MTB/Fat/Dirt Clinic (Date TBD)

  • Bike Packing Trip (Date & Location TBD)

  • Weekly Team Training Rides End


  • Crafts & Craft Beer (Date TBD)

  • Bike Talk (Date & Subject TBD)


  • Bike Talk (Date & Topic TBD)


  • Dash to the Distillery Ride (Date TBD)