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Sip & Swap is this week!

Updated: May 1, 2023

If you've never been to Sip & Swap, Velorosa's premier event, get ready for a whole bunch of fun this Wednesday, April 26th. Held at team sponsor Jasper Winery, Sip & Swap is a party, gear swap, fundraising event benefiting several cycling-related nonprofits. There will be amazing items in the silent auction that you won't want to miss. Make sure to invite all of your cycling friends to this big cycling community event!

Meet the committee members who have been working so hard to prepare for Sip & Swap:

Erika E.Y. - board representative

Dorie H. - board co-chair

Kelli O. - board co-chair

Michelle C.

Karen C.

Andrea C.

Brianna G.

Carolyn M.

Jen T.

Ali Y.

Erika E. Y.
  • Velorosa anniversary: 13 or 14 years ago

  • Biking styles: Road (Elkhart Time Trial). Gravel, Bike touring/packing, Cyclocros, Fat biking

  • Hobbies: Obviously, biking! When not biking you can find me outdoors swimming hanging out at a lake/pool, fishing, golfing, cooking. I enjoy hanging out with friends/family, going to our girls' events, playing cards, and traveling.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: VR summer party 2019 the day before my birthday. I thought I was being called up to the stage to talk about Velorosa. Little did I know Karen called me up there because she was in the on the BIG surprise….Tony’s proposal. 2nd favorite Velorosa moment racing cyclocross at Altoona and flipping over my handlebars into the sand pit with everyone yelling at me to get up and I couldn’t get my one shoe unclipped to get up. I finally did and finished the race. It was the first cyclocross race Tony had ever been too and he was impressed I was out there. Most of all the great friendships I’ve made by being involved and showing up when I first joined to all the events that were being held.

Dorie H.
  • Velorosa anniversary: February 2022

  • Biking styles: Road biking (trails) Gravel biking (newbie) , fat biking

  • Hobbies: Biking, biking and more biking lol! I also try to squeeze in golf, snowshoeing and running.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: The first time someone yelled "Hey Velorosa!" as I was riding down the trail. I thought to myself: Hey, that's me. I am Velorosa. The friendships I have made and the people I am continuing to meet has been the most amazing experience. The Velorosa women have made such a positive impact on my life.

Kelli O.
  • Velorosa anniversary: Spring 2022

  • Biking styles: I enjoy riding with friends and hitting the many restaurants and breweries in the metro. I love the challenge of riding a century. I also enjoy riding all year long - riding in the winter has really been fun!

  • Hobbies: When not on my bike, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: There are so many: the Monday night rides, the summer and winter parties, and being inspired by so many amazing women!

Michelle C.
  • Velorosa anniversary: May 2022

  • Biking styles: all of the above

  • Hobbies: Reading, shopping, travel, enjoy live music, walking, socializing with friends.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: Probably going to be this year's Sip & Swap!

Andrea C.
  • Velorosa anniversary: 2007 (I think)

  • Biking styles: I love riding the trails and gravel (if it isn’t too steep). I am a complete chicken.

  • Hobbies: When I am not on my bike I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, running, and traveling.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: My team finished 2nd at the Indy 50. Such a proud moment.

Brianna G.
  • Velorosa Anniversary: 3 years

  • Bike Styles: Mointain Biking & Road Biking (I would love to learn gravel style biking):)

  • Hobbies: Biking mostly. I enjoy anything outdoors when the Sun is Shining. You can find me on my yoga mat, in quiet meditation and practice.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: Right before officially joining Velorosa I was on a mission to learn more about Velorosa. As I was riding through the Art Center, I pulled over as this beautiful blonde with a Velorosa Cycling kit came down a hill. And as I watched her pass me in total awe, I took a chance and yelled out. (I really wanted to join Velorosa)!! Little did I know she was in the middle of a kit photo shoot. Fifteen minutes later I made my first Velorosa friend, Kim Hopkins.

Carolyn M.
  • Velorosa anniversary: 2014

  • Biking styles: I like all of it.

  • Hobbies: yoga, hiking, biking, cooking.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: Racing twice “race like a girl” getting second place and doing two cycle cross races, all of the summer parties, and recently training and riding with the velorosa women in “Break the Cycle” 100 last year. And of course meeting new women every year!

Jen T.
  • Velorosa anniversary: 2020-ish

  • Biking styles: Road, gravel, trail

  • Hobbies: Besides biking? Friends & family!

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: Finding a dance partner in crime in Jen B. at the Velorosa Annual Party.

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1 comentário

Velorosa Cycling Team
Velorosa Cycling Team
24 de abr. de 2023

It’s so fun to read about all the committees and the members! I feel like I learned so much more about each of you! Thanks for sharing!

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