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Summer Party Update & Velorosa is making Vodka Lemonades 🍋

We hope everyone is hanging in there right now as life has given us lemons and lemonade. (please pass the vodka?!)

We regret to add the Velorosa Summer Party to the now cancelled (or postponed) list. So no vodka lemonades that day. We know it’s a disappointment.

However, Kristie Harrold and the summer party committee, who had been working hard to plan a fun day, recently started a new conversation... “Where can we put our energy and resources instead?“

Some people are hurting, exhausted, or stressed. Instead of planning a party, let’s repurpose the party budget and plan ways to support each other! Cheers to that, we loved the idea!

So let’s do this team. Let’s #SHOWUP for each other in new ways. We want your ideas and participation.

Please nominate any teammate who could use a show of support to brighten their day or make life easier or teammates in healthcare and on the front lines.

To that end we want to honor Ann Reed, pictured here. She has been at the front of the front lines over the past few weeks. working a stint at a New Orleans hospital and then spent two weeks in a COVID unit in Chicago. Ann, We have such admiration for your brave work and are so proud to call you Velorosa, a teammate and a friend.

This is the first, of hopefully many, Velorosa "thinking of you" packages found its way to her door step.

We know we have teammates serving others in a variety of other ways as well and we have members and sponsors who no longer have an income coming in. Please share your ideas of who could use a boost for any reason.

Your nominations may be sent privately to anyone on the board, Deanne Herr, Erika York, Karolyn Zeller, Kim Hopkins or Rose Farver. Send suggestions for things to include, if you have ideas for that as well.

If you would like to contribute, help or provide support to plan and/or deliver let the board know too!

Please know that we won’t post future deliveries, unless the recipient would like to. We don’t want that to be a deterrent to share a friend's name!

Ok, so back to summer party, if it turns out we are able to have a party in August or September, and our funds are depleted, we’ll just hug it out and enjoy each other’s company. Just kidding. Group hugs and cuddle piles will likely stay on the cancelled list for awhile, but we do hope to have several mules, some vodka lemonades, and beers on the patio in Cumming eventually this summer and fall, party or not, and quite possibly sitting (or dancing) a healthy and happy six feet apart.

Take care everyone and thanks in advance for contributing to this project to spread love and vodka lemonades!

The Velorosa Board & Summer Party Committee

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1 comentario

Lael Neal
Lael Neal
02 may 2020

I love everything that we are doing to help support one another! And thank you Ann for all the COVID support you have provided. Hugs and love to everyone!!!

Me gusta
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