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Building Bridges Together!

Velorosa Supports the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge

About the Project

The Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge is one of 5 signature ‘quality of life’ initiatives set forth in the City of West Des Moines’ Five Waters Project, with a goal to give residents and visitors of all ages and abilities new ways to connect with the great outdoors. Spanning the beautiful Raccoon River, this iconic bridge will serve as a seamless connection for cyclists and pedestrians from Raccoon River Park to Walnut Woods State Park , Brown’s Woods, Purple Martin Lake Water Recreation Area, Hidden Valley Soccer Complex and dozens of miles of future greenway trails.

The proposed truss bridge is 620 linear feet long with an additional 345 linear feet of elevated ramp in Walnut Woods State Park . With the construction of the bridge, the existing granular trail around Blue Heron Lake is to remain intact but will have a short 775 foot section repositioned to accommodate the earth berm trail up to the bridge. Total estimated construction cost is $6.8 million.  Fund raising efforts have begun to make this approved project a reality. With potential ground breaking to start in 2022.  This is definitely exciting news!

How We Can Contribute

Velorosa, as ambassadors in the cycling community, want to contribute to the success of this important project that positively impacts cycling and the growth of our trail system. 

Our goal is to raise a total of $5000.  In order to achieve this, we’re asking for help from our team members, sponsors and the Des Moines cycling community to raise the first $2500.  The remaining $2500 will be from a matching donation by Velorosa Cycling Team & Velorosa Apparel.  

How’s that donation match work & Is It Tax Deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible! As you’re thinking of your year end giving, we hope you’ll consider being a part of the success of this project with us that will bring a significant and lasting legacy to the Des Moines community as a whole!

  • You donate $10 and we’ll match it, turning the overall donation into $20

  • You donate $25 and we’ll match it, turning the overall donation into $50!

  • You donate $100 and we’ll match it, turning the overall donation into $200!


Ready to Donate!

Learn More About the Bridge & 5 Waters Projects

If you’d like to learn more about the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge, the other Five Waters Projects or become other donation opportunities please visit the Great Outdoors Foundation.

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