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Meet the New Member Committee

The New Member Committee's mission is to welcome new members and be a source of information and connection with all things Velorosa. The committee organizes a social for new members to introduce themselves so that new members start the season knowing a few friendly faces. The committee and new members will be gathering for fun and comraderie this Wednesday, March 29th. (We all love to get together but this event is a smaller gathering just for the committee and new members.)

Meet your friendly teammates who are volunteering to welcome new members and be their source for information and connection:

Rose W. - board representative Jolene L. - committee chair Stephanie C. Christine C. Marne H. Lieghann S. Jennifer W.

Rose W.
  • Velorosa anniversary: 2015

  • Biking styles: Ultra, Gravel, Road, Time Trial, Social & Beer Biking!

  • Hobbies: Riding my bike excessively for stupid long distances while eating all the gas station food and pizza I can along the way. A hobby gardener, mini dachshund mom, and occasionally I bake stuff.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: There are so many but recently the top one is riding the Break the Cycle Challenge Ride with 20+ other Velorosa women, finishing together and celebrating our accomplishments. The second was the committee kickoff meeting in February and hearing all the wonderful comments our team members had to say about how our club makes them feel inspired, encouraged, and welcomed. I’m proud to be a part of this team and to continue its mission!

Jolene L.
  • Velorosa anniversary: I think I joined in 2017.

  • Biking styles: I love social rides on the trails as well as riding with my husband and son.

  • Hobbies: When not biking, I love being outdoors including hiking, swimming, gardening, and traveling.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: All the wonderful ladies I have met through the team and running into them on the trails and frequent safety stops.

Stephanie C.
  • Velorosa anniversary: Joined in 2013

  • Biking styles: My road bike is my favorite but starting to get into gravel more. Just got a new gravel bike!

  • Hobbies: I also love hiking, walking, reading, and going to the movies.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: This feels impossible to answer because there have been SO many. Meeting so many incredible women who have become friends has been my fav thing about Velorosa.

Christine C.
  • Velorosa anniversary: 5 years on Velorosa

  • Biking styles: Riding on gravel. I love the challenge of the hills, the excitement of the downhill, and the beautiful scenery in between. I also enjoy riding on the paved trails and on occasion will dust off my fat bike for a ride on a snowy trail.

  • Hobbies: Yoga, hiking, and traveling. I’m also excited to try gardening this summer!

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: My fondest memories are riding gravel roads with Velorosa teammates. I’ve overcome some challenging roads with the encouragement of my teammates, all while getting to know one another and building friendships. I’ve had so many good conversations and laughs on Iowa gravel roads!

Marne H.
  • Velorosa anniversary: 1 year

  • Biking styles: Road bike for social riding short and long distances. I’m new to gravel biking and can’t wait to love it too!

  • Hobbies: My hobbies include any outdoor activity that ends in “ing” but mostly hiking, biking, golfing, skiing, and traveling. I also enjoy reading and playing cards or games with friends.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: My most memorable moment was the camaraderie and support I felt riding my first 100 miles during the Break the Cycle event. Crossing the finish line and celebrating together was an amazing feeling!

Leighann S.
  • Velorosa anniversary: I joined in 2016.

  • Biking styles: My road bike is my favorite but I love to ride gravel on my Fargo, and it is a great bike packing bike!

  • Hobbies: yoga, reading, travel, and camping.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: Completing my first century ride as part of Break the Cycle. It was so fun to train with teammates who have become my best friends and to raise money for an important cause and represent Velorosa as well!

Jennifer W.
  • Velorosa anniversary: Spring 2020

  • Biking styles: I like all biking styles. Specialized Ruby road bike for endurance rides and RAGBRAI, Surly Straggler for gravel or fun trail rides, Salsa Beargrease for snowy days and summer dirt, and Canyon Spectral mountain bike for riding single track. My favorite lately is single track riding. I love the peacefulness of being in the woods and the technical challenges on the dirt trails. I’m still learning!!

  • Hobbies: If I’m not filling my free time with riding bikes, I love to play golf, go hiking, and to listen to live music. Hinterland is something I look forward to every year. I’m involved with a few non-profit foundations and enjoy giving back to the community.

  • Memorable Velorosa moment: All of them!! Such a great group of supportive friends with a passion for all things cycling. The clinics are very informative and it’s always rewarding to improve skills.

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Lael Neal
Lael Neal

You all are rockstars!!!!!!


Velorosa Cycling Team
Velorosa Cycling Team

Thanks Barb and team for the write up and sharing about our committee! I really enjoyed the opportunity to read about what others like about our team and learned a few new things! - Rose

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