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Velorosa Cycling Team Is Rolling Into 2024!

Our annual January Winter Party and Member Meeting marks the official kick-off off the Velorosa 2024 cycling season and our 14th year as a team.

Members were invited to gather at Captain Roy's for a private team party and dinner where we come together to look back at the previous year's adventures and accomplishments and begin planning for a new one. Attendees received a custom team cup, Iowa trail maps, and team schwag and prizes we're given out.

For those unable to attend here's an overview of the meeting as well as links to an awesome slide show that's going to inspire for sure!

2024 Member Meeting Information

Our Mission

We exist to encourage, nurture, teach, and challenge women to get more involved in the cycling community. 

Our team doesn’t have strict requirements for membership. You don’t have to be an elite athlete or do a certain number of races to be a part of it. Our mission is to get more women on bikes in whatever form that takes... recreational, fitness, competitive. 

2024 Velorosa Board

2024 brings a change in our team leadership, with Erika York stepping down. We recognized her for 14 years as a team member and 7 years of leadership, 3 of those as team president. We're grateful for her leadership and everything that she's contributed to our team. Erika will join the advisory committee with previous board members Kim Hopkins, Karolyn Zeller, Kristin Reese, & Joann Slokum to act as an advisor to the board.

Rose Willey-Farver takes on the role of president, with Barb Bremner as VP, Deanne Herr continues as treasurer, Krystyn Williams as Secretary and joining the board in 2024 is Kelli O'Leary.

2023 Velorosa Achievements

Our team members ride socially, for fun and fitness as well as taking it to the next level with various forms of racing.  We are also volunteers at local races, running events, participate in trail maintenance, organize an annual Sip & Swap to raise funds for the Ragbrai Dream Team, and partner with organizations like Hope for Justice and Break the Cycle to use our voices and bikes to fight human trafficking. 

Here are a few highlights of the philanthropic efforts made by our team members in 2023 that we're especially proud of.

  • 400 Woman Powered Volunteer Hours

  • $3,000 raised at our annual Sip & Swap benefitting UBFM & Dream Team.

  • $11,000 raised by Velorosa Team members benefitting Break the Cycle and the fight to end human trafficking. 

Velorosa Sponsors

We’re deeply grateful to our terrific sponsors. Sponsorship dollars help pay for our team insurance, USA-Cycling license, help fund team events such as new member gatherings, winter and summer parties, team building events, self-improvement events, charity donations, memorial gifts… the list goes on!

It’s their commitment to women in cycling that helps fuel our passion for two wheels and the community around us but, has helped our team make real and lasting impact.  We’re proud to wear their logos and brands as we race, ride and volunteer! 

Velorosa Volunteers Provide "Woman Power"

As a non-profit organization, we ask our members to give back to the community through volunteering. Each member is asked to contribute 4 hours a year to something cycling, fitness or health related.  As a team we have the potential to give our community over 500 hours of “woman power”.

If you learn/know  of an opportunity send it my way! Or when looking for ideas or suggestions check our team website or ask in the private Facebook group.

Some highlights from 2023 to help the community: 

  • Donations to UBFM and Dream Team through Sip n’ swap

  • Delivering burritos and other needed items with UBFM

  • Race Cours volunteers at various Iowa gravel events.

  • Des Moines marathon bike support

  • 1st and ONLY cycling team to contribute to the RRVT bridge!

  • OVER 400 Women Power HOURS reported in 2023

Additionally, we recognized some team members who have gone above and beyond in giving back and women powered hours! Jenn, Jhonna and Michelle were gifted new team t-shirts for their extra efforts.

Your Contributions Count

Your hours count, members are encouraged to fill in the volunteer hours form regularly and we'll continue to honor all the philanthropic efforts.

Membership & Committees

Continue to use our website for renewing our signing up for membership and complete the liability waiver.   Every member must complete a liability waiver annually in order to participate in team training rides and activities. This is also where you will indicate interest in committees and volunteer service preferences

To assist our team and the Velorosa’s board we have 7 specialized committees that keep the team good times and adventures rolling! Each committee has a board member who helps oversee and provides support. 

If you have an interest in leading or being a part of a committee, make sure to indicate that on your sign up. We’ll follow up post-party to finalize committee members and roles.  We have a need for several members, and contributions to a committee is a great way to do your 4 hrs of volunteer work! Have questions about what’s entailed or a desire to lead, let a board member know of your interest! 

2024 Team Kit & Casual Apparel Ordering

We debut a new design every two years. As a new design was just released last year and we will utilize it again this year. Kit ordering will open Mid February. Casual apparel ordering will open end of February. A pick up party is being planned for April. Reach out to Rose Willey-Farver with questions about ordering or sizing.

Here are a few things to take note of:

  • We will be making a small change to the shorts, last year’s chamois was wider/thicker and based on team feedback we’ll be switching back to the same chamois we used before. 

  • Once again with short sleeve jerseys you’ll see a regular fit option and a slim/race fit option.  Choose the right one, they are different. Race fit is going to shorter in the waist, tighter/tailored, aero and form fitting. 

  • MTN bike jersey/shirt option is back again this year. They make great garments to mtn bike, volunteer work in and post event casual wear.  They’re not stretchy but have a a relaxed fit. 

  • An option of a heavier weight long sleeve/jacket will be made available instead of the thinner standard long sleeve. 

  • Pro-Tip → ALWAYS grab a tape measure, take your measurements and refer to the size chart. It’s the BEST guide.  Team kits DO FIT differently than Velorosa commercial brand.  

  • Casual apparel like team T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops etc. store will open after Kit ordering closes, around end of February.

Up Coming Events, Participation and How to Represent

When attending events, races or just out and about we encourage team members to show your pink pride!

Wearing your team kit is always a terrific idea.  This helps build team camaraderie and recognition.  Other members can pick you out of the crowd and make the connection! You’ll often hear “Hey Velorosa!”

Don’t have a team kit yet or your event requires special gear? Try sporting a logo with team socks, on your helmet, support vehicle, and/or bike. Vinyl stickers are always an option and available.

Posting event pics or did you earn a podium? Take your team t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or jersey along to snap a photo to be shared on socials and celebrate your adventure!

Many event registration forms have a space to list your team, so be sure to list Velorosa and link to our website! Other members get inspired to participate when they see Velorosa women on the roster!

Finally, some members have multiple kit pieces and apparel they're also happy to share, gift or sell so definitely ask via our private team group!

Here are some up coming events we encourage members to take note of:

Let's Get Social, Share & Tag

If you're not already, like and follow our team on socials. Keep taking and posting photos/selfies! It's not bragging, we want to celebrate accomplishments, the fun we're having on our bikes and you for being YOU!

When visiting our sponsors, check in or post a pic and tag them, your patronage is appreciated.

Tag your photos and posts so we can find them, use #velorosaitshowiroll #iamvelorosa #velorosa #velorosacyclingteam on Facebook, Instagram, X etc. 

Post photos from races and events to your private pages and tag Velorosa Cycling Team page (@Velorosa Cycling team)  as it’s nice for the community to see what we are doing.

Use our private team group for things only team members need to know about ie. Team ride ups, team related questions, etc.

Blog/Story Writers - We want your stories for our blog! If you have an interest in sharing about an event, your journey, your favorite bike gear and more we are looking for team bloggers, reach out to Barb for details!  Ride and race recaps are appreciated and often a great way for other team members to learn from each other and of cool events!

Velorosa, It's How We Roll

We're kicking off a new year with a new theme.

“I think [the bicycle] has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world. I rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a bike. It gives her a feeling of self-reliance and independence the moment she takes her seat, and away she goes, the picture of untrammeled womanhood.”

Susan B Anthony - Age 76

Many on our team can relate to Susan B Anthony’s quote on so many levels.  Velorosa was founded by similar like minded women and over the years has grown to embrace and embody all of those things from the quote but also much more.  So in 2024 we’re celebrating all that Velorosa has been and all that is has become to it’s team members. 

Velorosa Is...

In 2024 We Invite All Our Members to Join Us in Saying


View the 2023 recap slide show created by Krystyn Williams


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