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Pink Week 2023

⭐️⭐️⭐️—>>Velorosa is Declaring May 1 - May 7 PINK Week! <<——⭐️⭐️⭐️

What’s PINK week? 

It’s a celebration of Velorosa and women’s cyling that the Velorosa Board completely made up for fun and an excuse to slip into our fabulous Velorosa spandex kits or casual apparel and rock it out this week on a bike ride, yoga mat, kayak, fitness class and where ever else you come up with.

How It Works!

Snap a pic or selfie and post here in our private Facebook group and/or on your own FaceBook pages, tell us about your activity and please use the hashtags #iamvelorosa #pinkweek #velorosacyclingteam and #showup.  

Every picture posted is an entry to win a Pink Week prize package!

In order for your post to "count" and be counted you MUST use the #iamvelorosa (this allows us to search that hashtag and find your photos!) but you can also include the other #'s as well.

Let's Do This! 

So let’s paint the town and the group PINK next week, celebrate each other and declare #IAMVelorosa! We look forward to seeing how you rock “Pink” next week!

Here are some fun daily challenges to help you get riding this week!

  • Monday - Murals are a great place to pose for a selfie or group ride picture. There are hundreds all over the DSM area you can bike to!

  • Tuesday - Top of the.... Bike to the top of something, a hill, an overlook, a bridge etc. Get creative, maybe you pose on top of a sculpture or the top of a tree your bike is leaning on! (BE CAREFUL)

  • Wednesday - Wide open as in wide open spaces! Gravel is great for those wide open views and spaces or maybe the wide open road and trails!

  • Thursday - Thirsty as in "thirsty Thursday" bike to one of our terriffic food/beverage sponsors for dinner and/or drinks! Be sure to tag them in your post as well, they appreciate the love!

  • Friday - Let's get FAT, as in fat bikes! We wanna see you rolling your fat bikes or thick tires at a local mtn bike trail or on gravel!

  • Saturday - Let's explore the statues and moments around town. There are some beautiful ones through out the community so be sure to include them in a bike ride and snap a selfie with them. An easy one to find is the RAGBRAI founders statue in Waterworks park!

  • Sunday - Slow down and take it easy, always make time to stop and smell the flowers! They're also beautiful to look at or bike to. Find a garden in bloom, bike to the arboretum and snap your pics with the beautiful blooms.

Need some inspiration? These ladies are rockin the new "Velorosa In Motion" 2023 design!

Your Velorosa Board,

Erika York, Rose Willey, Deanne Herr, Krystyn Williams & Barb Bremner

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